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First visit

The first visit lasts about 1-2 hours. This time may be variable according to each patient. 

The first visit can be performed at our center or via videoconference from your country completely free of charge.

Face to face first visit:

    It will be performed in our Center in Bilbao. If treatment is made with partner's sperm, we will ask you to leave a sample to be analyzed and depending on the case, it may be cryopreserved so it can be used later. The rest of the treatment can be performed in our center or in your country with your gynecologist and it will be necessary for you to came just for 1-6 days long depending on the technique you choose.

First visit via videoconference:

    It will be performed via videoconference. The treatment can be made at our center or in your country with your gynecologist. If treatment is performed with partner's sperm, you will have to come for 3-6 days depending on the technique.

Just make an appointment specifying whether you want to do a presencial first visit or videoconference first visit and we will give you relevant instructions.

First visit consists on

During the visit, the gynecologist will make some questions to know your family and personal history as well as your personal and partner´s reproductive status.

If the first visit is done in our center, it will proceed to conduct a pelvic ultrasound to assess the condition of the uterus and ovaries at the time.

Before the visit please send or bring any medical reports, treatments or previous tests in advance. It is important to obtain full information and full details of the medical history of the patient and / or partner to reach as accurate diagnosis and treatment as possible.

After the first visit and having being checked the reports and evidence, the need for further testing or analysis should be considered.


If first face visit, necessary blood tests can be made in our center.
For other complementary studies there is also the possibility of realizing them in Bilbao in our collaborating centers on request of appointment

About IGIN Institute

IGIN Institute is a medical centre specialising in gynecology and assisted reproduction.
With its head office in Bilbao, in a modern infrastructure that provides its services using the latest technology without underestimating the human connection.