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Sterility and Infertility

Although these two human fertility disorders have a slight difference, the two entities lead to the same result, whether it’s the temporary or permanent, it´s inability to have children.

What we consider as sterility?

Sterility is the inability to get pregnant naturally after unprotected sex, of at least one year, if aged over 35, that time is reduced to six months. This maybe due to the infertility in a couple that have never had a child before. Or secondary infertility when the couple have difficulty getting pregnant the second time around.

What we consider as infertility?

Infertility is when a woman has yet been pregnant, fails to carry out a pregnancy due to an abortion. It can also be primary infertility when there have been no previous children, or inability to conceive a baby, even though they've had at least one child in the past, either together or with a previous partner.

When would you be advised to see a specialist?

If after 12 months of pregnancy with unprotected sex and you still haven´t got pregnant, you should consult a specialist. If the woman's age exceeds 35 years, the recommended time to see a specialist would be 6 months.

This time is always indicative, because if there is a known cause that can reduce fertility i.e., (endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, altered semen, early menopause in the family, etc.) consultation should be made immediately.

What the basic study of sterility based on?

The basic sterility study is based on a series of tests to rule the leading causes of infertility.

These tests are done to both men and women.

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