We share the thoughts of Nadine, a french patient from iGin who gave birth to her daughter last August. Thank you, Nadine for sharing your story; we wish you many years of happiness with your baby.

Talking about my experience with assisted reproduction, (such an intimate experience that it even makes us question ourselves at a deep level), I want to thank the iGin staff for their professionalism, integrity, perseverance and for the human qualities that defines them.

The medical and care team always answered my questions and eased my fears, supporting me with their usual closeness and affection. The follow-up of my case was constant and I always felt protected, something very important when one walks these "atypical" paths. I appreciate very much that, being a patient from abroad, there was always someone who answered me and answered my calls even when I was far from Bilbao.

Today, I am happy. I am the mother of a girl who was born last August. This happiness has a lot to do with the support I had from the iGin team. I am sure that all mums-to-be who put themselves in their hands will also come to feel this way. This is my sincere wish."

Nadine (France).