We want to help achieve your pregnancy in the shortest time possible. That is why we invest in the world´s most advanced technology in reproductive medicine. This is the case of Embryoscope+, the latest generation incubator incorporated in our laboratory.

Embryoscope+ is an embryo culture system that combines incubation technology, real-time monitoring and artificial intelligence. It provides the best possible environment for the development of embryos to blastocyst without any interruptions during an In Vitro Fertilisation treatment. Its design ensures that the conditions in the incubation chamber are stable and controlled.


Thanks to a time-lapse image capture system, it is possible to monitor and have complete control over the evolution of the embryos, without the need to remove them from the incubator, thus avoiding altering the temperature, humidity and light conditions of the culture. With this real-time monitoring, we can choose the embryos with the greatest potential.



•  Improved embryo selection: Thanks to their ability to provide a continuous and detailed view of the embryo development, our embryologists can assess embryo quality more accurately, which helps select embryos more likely to lead to pregnancy.

•  Real-time control of evolution: We can track cell division and embryo development at each stage. This gives us valuable information about the timing of certain milestones and helps us predict the optimal time for transfer.

•  Elimination of manipulation and stress of the embryo: The conventional methods of evaluating embryos requires removing them from the incubator, which can expose them to changes of temperature and ph. By using our Embryoscope+, we are eliminating this potential stress, and providing a more stable environment.

•  Artificial Intelligence: In our incubators, we have incorporated advanced algorithms and software, which help increase the success rate of implantation. IDAScore (Intelligent Data Analysis for Embryo Evaluation) and KIDScore (Known Implantation Data) analyse each of the patient´s embryos, comparing them with information gathered from millions of embryos from around the world and matching their development patterns to their potential for achieving pregnancy.



At IGIN we use Embryoscope+ in all treatments that require embryo culture in the laboratory, such as IVF-ICSI, egg donation, ROPA method and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis.

Tools like this bring us to the forefront of reproductive technology and allow our embryologists to make the best decisions with a single objective: to achieve your pregnancy in the shortest possible time.