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Homemade artificial insemination: Be careful!

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This is a reproduction method without any medical control. It consists of introducing sperm in the vagina. This sperm can be given by a friend, a voluntary donor or come from a “kit”, ordered online and delivered directly to your home.

The sperm is introduced in the vagina using a syringe or a catheter. You can easily understand the lack of control of quality, diseases or infections that can cause the seminal fluid.

In addition to these medical aspects, another significant risk is the recognition of the child by the sperm donor. Indeed, a sperm donor can have his paternity established at any time. In the context of medically assisted procreation, this problem can’t arise: donors are anonymous and don’t have access to the recipient’s identity nor to the identity of the child or children born thanks to his gametes.

Besides, after a homemade artificial insemination a donor can risk judicial proceedings by the recipient woman to provide maintenance for the child.

Another negative point of this method is the success rate. Another common mistake is to think that if the ejaculate’s volume is important, there are a lot of sperms. This is not true. Only a microscope analysis can confirm that. There are cases of abundant ejaculates with 0% of sperms in it, or with insufficient healthy sperms (abnormal shape and motility).

The reduced cost of this method can be attractive, but we need to be aware that problems can arise, sometimes years after the child is born.

People who resort to this method are usually women couples or single women, because they are not allowed to use medically assisted reproduction in their country.

For all these reasons, we recommend you to contact a center of assisted human reproduction close to your home. If you cannot be taken care of because of your condition, age or number of attempt, please do not hesitate to contact us, by clicking on the link below. You will be able to talk directly to the doctor and the coordinator who will follow you throughout your treatment.


We look forward to meeting you and we wish you a very nice day.

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