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Three hearts are beating inside of me

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Geraldine came to iGin from the French city of Lille, hoping to become a single mother. Now, she is about to be blessed… twice! Here is her story as she wrote it.

My story began in January 2020 with my New Year resolutions and reflecting on stages of life. I had been dreaming of becoming a mother for many years and I, who am naturally inclined to tackling big projects, started to consider the idea of diving into assisted reproduction by myself.

It was February when I turned 32. Yet another candle blown without children. I was conscious that fertility decreases year by year and I did not want to keep delaying it until finding my other half, so my initial idea got a bit stronger and I started researching a lot more. Winter was over and by April… I made my decision: Let´s do it! I´m going to have a baby by myself.

In my country, single mothers do not have access to assisted reproduction treatments so I naturally turned to Spain, particularly to Bilbao. Ten years before, back in 2010, I spent a year studying there. Bilbao, such a loved place in my heart, was the perfect starting point for our future story: for my child and myself. During lockdown in April, alone in my apartment in Lille, every night I kept researching and reading about how to bring up a child alone…

In May, while checking online which clinics in Bilbao to contact, I instantly fell in love with iGin. Looking at the team profile on their website, I felt they were smiling at me! And this positive feeling was confirmed during the first exchanges with the clinic.

Then, in June, I had a long videoconference with the Medical Team. They took their time to explain the procedure and protocol that was to come. I did all the medical check-ups here in Lille with my gynaecologist and everything was correct.

In July (when the Covid crisis was a bit more under control) the border between France and Spain reopened. It was a relieve knowing I could then travel to the clinic for my treatment. In my case, it was going to be an artificial insemination with donor sperm. Donation is anonymous in Spain. The clinic does a matching: they chose a donor according to my physical characteristics and blood group.

I was off for three weeks at work in August so I decided to go on a holiday to Bilbao to undergo the artificial insemination. I love Spain and I thought that it would be more doable if I stayed in the city during the hormone stimulation phase. After 15 days of injections in my abdomen every night, my ovaries were ready: the artificial insemination took place on the 31st of August.

In September, back in my city (Lille) and back to work, I had to wait 15 days for a blood test to check for a pregnancy. After that period, I got the bad news: I was not pregnant; the first artificial insemination did not work. It is always tough, even when you are ready for it.

On the following day, I made my decision of trying again! This time, however, I did not have any days off left so the treatment and medical screenings were done in Lille. I was juggling work and medical appointments on a daily basis, which I found quite exhausting.

At the end of the month, I got the confirmation from iGin saying we could proceed with the second insemination on the 2nd of October, with 48-hour notice. Like this, I requested two days off and got a plane for travelling to Bilbao. The procedure was done without complications and again, I had to wait for 15 days before taking a test.

In October I got the incredible news that I had been waiting for for years… that´s right! I was pregnant! It was hard to realise that everything had worked out after only two attempts. I congratulated myself for making the decision and for all the effort that I had put into it for the past few months.

It was November and also time for my first pregnancy follow-up scan. And then, the miracle came true: I was not expecting one child, but two! Suddenly, I felt a bit overwhelmed since multiple births are always a risk, but I was so happy… I thought to myself that now, three hearts were beating inside of me and I felt emotional when thinking of becoming a mother to my two children.

In January 2021 and during my second pregnancy screening, I got the confirmation that both my children were boys. I am delighted for having two future little brothers… they will not have a dad but this is not important, I am going to have a lovely family. The three of us will make a great team! And who knows... maybe one day there will be a partner joining us and we will all enjoy this happiness together.

Now, in February, I have just turned 33. Weeks and months are passing by and I am increasingly happy and satisfied with the idea of becoming a mum to two babies. This is expected to happen in June, exactly one year after I first contacted iGin which fills me with great joy. So, for all of you who are delaying it and wondering… start now! Life is short and life is good.




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