ROPA method

The ROPA method is aimed to lesbian couples and involves receiving eggs from the partner.

In the process, eggs are retrieved from one partner after ovarian stimulation. These eggs are then fertilized with donor sperm, which will be selected following the physical characteristics of the woman who carries the pregnancy. Finally, the embryos are transferred following an endometrial preparation process.

This shared motherhood method allows married female couples to actively participate of creating their family.

Stages of ROPA method


The receptor will start a hormonal treatment to prepare her endometrium for receiving the embryo(s).

 This treatment is tailored to each patient. It generally starts with a pituitary inhibition phase (induced by injectable medication) and the administration of oral oestrogen that will allow the endometrium to grow. Pituitary inhibition is not always required. 

After approximately 10 to 14 days of endometrial preparation, an ultrasound scan will be performed in order to check its thickness is appropriate for embryo reception. Hormonal analysis are also required to ensure optimum levels.

Once the endometrium is ready, the receptor should wait for her partner to finish the ovarian stimulation process. Once the eggs are retrieved, an IVF/ICSI procedure is performed in the lab using donor sperm.  

Embryo transfer occurs 5 or 6 days after the egg retrieval. 

The number of embryos transferred will depend on each particular case.

A blood pregnancy test is performed 12 days after the embryo transfer. An ultrasound scan is scheduled 2 weeks after a positive result to confirm a pregnancy is in progress.

ROPA cost

Previous study
Ovarian stimulation and endometrium preparation
Egg retrieval

Embryo transfer
Post-transfer care
Services included
Case-oriented consultation and cycle planning
HERES Carrier Screening test (16,592 mutations) between donors
Ultrasound scans (unlimited)
Hormonal screenings (unlimited)
Puncture - follicular aspiration
Preoperative evaluation - sedation
Rest in clinic
Laboratory procedures
Sperm selection techniques, when necessary (Fertilechip, MACS, PICSI, Microfluidic sperm sorting)
Assisted hatching included (when necessary)
Donor sperm
Embryo culture (day 5-6) to blastocyst stage
KIDScore / IDAScore (AI for embryo selection)
Embryo transfer (1 or 2 embryos)
P.R.P. Plasma Rico en Plaquetas (si es necesario)
Specific transfer techniques when required
Rest at the clinic
Vitrification of spare embryos (unlimited number)
BHCG – blood pregnancy test (unlimited)
Two pregnancy check-ups
2 years storage of vitrified embryos
Cost of treatment:      6.170€
  • • Fixed Price: This is a fixed priced treatment that includes the services detailed on the cost breakdown. Supplementary tests may be required according to medical criteria, however, these will be notified in advance. 
    • Validity: The validity of this estimate is 6 months from the date of your first consultation. • Medication: Medication costs are not included. These will be assumed by the patient. 
    • Embryo devitrification: when an embryo transfer fails, an additional cost of 1.860 € will apply to subsecuent attempts. 
    • Cancellation by the patient: In case of cancellation of the treatment, the patient must pay the costs incurred until that point.
     • After 2 years of embryo cryopreservation: It will be your decision to either chose from one the authorised applications regarding embryo donation/destruction or the payment of a 435€ fee per year of conservation for future use. 
Servicios Incluidos
Estudio previo
Consulta de orientación del caso y planificación de ciclo
Estudio de compatibilidad genética 16.592 mutaciones (paciente - donante)
Estimulación y preparación endometrial
Controles ecográficos (ilimitados)
Controles hormonales (ilimitados)
Punción folicular
Punción - aspiración folicular
Estudio preoperatorio - anestesia - sedación
Reposo en clínica
Procedimientos de laboratorio
Técnicas de selección espermática: Fertilechip, PICSI, MACS, Microfluídica (si es necesario)
Hatching asistido (si es necesario)
Semen de donante
Cultivo embrionario (día 0 a 6) hasta blastocisto
KIDScore / IDAScore (IA para selección embrionaria)
Transferencia embrionaria (1 ó 2 embriones)
P.R.P. Plasma Rico en Plaquetas (si es necesario)
Medios de transferencia específicos (si es necesario)
Reposo en clínica
Vitrificación embriones sobrantes (ilimitado)
BHCG - analítica para detección de embarazo (ilimitada)
Dos controles gestacionales
Mantenimiento de embriones vitrificados durante 2 años
Importe total     6.170€
  • Precio cerrado: este presupuesto contiene un precio cerrado en relación con los servicios relacionados, no obstante con base a criterios médicos podría ser necesario realizar algún servicio adicional no incluido.
  • Vigencia: este Presupuesto será válido durante un período de tres meses desde la fecha del mismo.
  • Servicios no incluidos: cualquier servicio no especificado en el presupuesto no se encuentra incluido en el precio cerrado y deberá ser abonado en el momento de su realización de manera separada. Consulten con nuestro departamento de Atención al Paciente.
  • Medicación: no se incluye en ningún caso el precio de la medicación, que correrá a cargo de los pacientes.
  • Cancelación por parte de la paciente: si se produce la cancelación o interrupción del tratamiento deberá hacer frente a los gastos generados hasta el momento de la cancelación.
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