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How to find us?

We are situated in Bilbao located in the north of Spain, it´s well connected to all other European capitals.  Bilbao is known as an industrial city, however, over the years it has changed dramatically and now it is known as a hot spot for tourism.  One of the most noticeable changes is the Guggenheim Museum, which are just only minutes to get to the heart of the city.

It very easy to move around Bilbao, with many options to get around by foot, bus, tram or metro, but don´t worry your coordinator will help you with any directions or information you need.

The iGin centre is located in the heart of the city in the symbolic, Doña Casilda Park, a place where you can relax before and after visiting us.  Also, near there are several hotels, restaurants, we are adjacent to the Gran Via (a long beautiful stretch of road), so if you like shopping you need go no further.  However, if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle you could find yourself in the cinema at the Zubiarte shopping centre or visiting the local museum.  (The coordinator can provide all this information).



C\\Lehendakari Leizaola, 27 Ground floor

        48011 Bilbao (SPAIN)

How to arrive?

The low cost companies you can use are:


• London Stansted – Bilbao

• Bristol – Bilbao

• Manchester - Bilbao


• London Stansted – Santander 

• Edinburgh – Santander

• Dublin - Santander 

From Santander, again there is a direct bus route from the airport to the local coach station in the centre of Santander, journey time 15 minutes.  Once you are at the coach station you can book a ticket to get to Bilbao, coaches leave every 30 minutes and the journey time to Bilbao is approximately 1 hour.  If you do decide to take this journey it is well worth it.  Santander is an amazing city to see with it being directly on the sea front, but also the coach journey has incredible scenic views looking over at the sea and mountains from the window seat, especially if you sit on the left side of the coach.

Other flights companies to Bilbao are:



Also with these same flight companies, you can fly from Madrid, again with trains or coaches available directly to Bilbao.

Abando station offers direct connections from France, Madrid and Barcelona, in addition to other  capitals.  With this said the high speed line is currently under construction further even better travel.

Bilbao has termibus (coach station) and within walking distance of iGin, with direct buses to most major cities in the country and European cities, such as Paris or Stuttgart.

Please check out the website for availability at Alsa.

To arrive by car is another option as you can park you car literally 40m from the iGin centre.  The ways to arrive from England is by ferry and the Eurotunnel. Some people prefer to go by Eurotunnel to drive through France with an excuse of travelling and spending a night in a chateau, enjoy some French wine and cheese and some delicious pastries and cakes for breakfast... Tunnel The tunnel joins Folkestone in Kent with Coquelles, outside Calais. It has its own motorway exits, leading straight to check-in at both ends.
  • From France take junction 42 off the A16 motorway.
  • From the UK take junction 11A off the M20.
By car it’s very easy to get around. Once you are here there are so many other cities close by to visit such as San Sebastian.
  •  Madrid – Bilbao (approximately 4 hours)
  •  Santander – Bilbao (approximately 50 min)

You can take the Ferry from Portsmouth directly to Bilbao


There are also ferries from:

• Portsmouth – Santander

• Plymouth – Santander


One of the best cuisines in the world, beaches surrounded by complete nature, examples of cutting edge modern architecture ...

Why not take advantage of your time here to visit our great hot spots?

If you go to the Basque Country you have to taste the famous "pintxos" miniature gourmet delights which you will see displayed in many bars. In addition, you will find various restaurants with some of the greatest chefs in new Spanish cuisine. You will find restraurants here that are rated by Michelin stars, however, you are not short for great food here in Bilbao. A small galaxy of great food and wine.  One of the greatest tasting wines here is known in the region of Rioja Alavesa, just ask at the bar.  The basque country deserves a place of honor for its beautiful coastal destinations, with such well-known places like San Sebastian, Zarautz, or Getxo and inner cities such as Vitoria and Bilbao. Do not miss the spectacular Guggenheim Museum nor the Vizcaya Hanging Bridge, declared by the world heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Add to all this a spectacular nature and scenery of (the Basque Country which has both National Parks and Biosphere Reserves) perfect for sports such as hiking or canoeing, or its coasts where both can find beautiful family beaches, and some of the best beaches around the world to surf.

About IGIN Institute

IGIN Institute is a medical centre specialising in gynecology and assisted reproduction.
With its head office in Bilbao, in a modern infrastructure that provides its services using the latest technology without underestimating the human connection.