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Our prices

Artificial insemination
  • Previous study
  • Stimulation
  • Insemination
  • Post insemination
€705 /Final price
In Vitro Fertilisation
  • Previous study
  • Stimulation
  • Follicular Puncture
  • Transfer
  • Vitrification of the remaining embryos
€4295 /Final price
Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosys
  • Previous study
  • Stimulation
  • Follicular Puncture
  • Transfer
  • PGD
  • Vitrification of the remaining embryos
€7055 /Final price
Egg Donation
  • Previous study
  • Endometrial preparation
  • Donor medication
  • Follicular Puncture of donor
  • Laboratory
  • Transfer
  • Vitrification of the remaining embryos
€6785 /Final price

Our success rates

Instituto iGin has the highest rates on pregnancy success. Our achievements are above average all over Spain. These stadistics are due to our complete involvement for our pacients to get pregnant since the first intervention attempt, by using the latest and newest technology available on assisted reproduction. This all leads to save on the cost of the treatment.

Our first attempt intervention average.

AI - iGin17%
AI - National average11%
IVF-ICSI - iGin77%
IVF-ICSI - National average34%
Egg donation - iGin83%
Egg donation - National average47%

Comparing prices between clinics

Many times we are provided with an approximated budget for the whole treatment, we find out aditional medical tests are required in order to achieve a successful outcome, involving a considerable rise of the total Price. In iGin we focus on arraging an economical closed Price for each particular pacient, providing a complete personal treatment on asisted reproduction, without any unexpected extraordinary expenses.

Desire to learn how to deal with a competitive and adjusted Price on asisted reproduction treatment?

98% Satisfaction

Un 98% de satisfacción entre nuestros clientes.
Más de 8000 pacientes han pasado por nuestros centros.

Your iGin center

Instituto iGin Bilbao

Lehendakari Leizaola 27 Planta baja, 48011 Bilbao
946 510 700

Instituto iGin Vitoria

945 568 899

Instituto iGin Salamanca

923 99 40 95

Instituto iGin Santander

Instituto iGin Donostia

Opening soon


About IGIN Institute

IGIN Institute is a medical centre specialising in gynecology and assisted reproduction.
With its head office in Bilbao, in a modern infrastructure that provides its services using the latest technology without underestimating the human connection.